Saturday, November 25, 2006

The FINAL Pumpkin Update

Somebody knew and didn't speak up. (You suck.)

Or maybe you just believed me. (Don't do that.)

So let's take another look at my "pumpkins" shall we?

Now, tell me honestly, does that look like a pumpkin to you? First it was green, then yellow, and finally now past it's prime, white.

What if I cut it open?

In my defense, who knew you could grow nice looking melons out of a compost pile in the desert Southwest? This sure as hell isn't Florida folks. Wouldn't you think they'd grow best somewhere a tad more tropical? And I hardly ever buy melons or have them in our home because J is very allergic to them. If they are even in the vicinity of other fruit he ingests he is incapacitated for a good few hours. And it's quite the accomplishment to grow anything here except tumbleweed, so I know that these are not wild honeydew.



emzeegee & the hungry three said...

My excuse is that in Australia, pumpkins come in all sorts of colours, not just orange. Seriously? I was SURE that damn thing was a pumpkin - then again I've never seen a honeydew "in the wild" were we to know?

I'm still ROFLMAO over this.


Niffer said...