Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So Big

A few of the Cracker's newest shirts are falling off the hangers. The necks are too big for kid hangers.


(Olive's 18 month stats: 20lbs, 14oz and 30" tall)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Single White Female

Name: Olive
18 months

Interests and Activities:
  • climbing
  • trying on shoes
  • meowing at cats
  • sand
  • pretending to make smoothies in my toy blender
  • pushing my doll stroller
  • the words naho! and me!
  • "decorative posable bat with 8 foot wing span and battery operated LED eyes" (available at Costco, limited time offer)
  • pants
  • not being allowed to wear my Converse high-tops to bed
  • pants
  • delayed gratification
  • pants
  • when my parents don't understand me
  • pants
Favorite food?
E-ewe-ees (smoothies)

Favorite animal(s)?
Dogs, bears, and bunny rabbits

Favorite music:
Favorite Books:
To be able to climb everything my brother can climb, especially onto the giant no-net trampoline that sits 4+ feet off the ground at C and S's house.

Anything else?
Yes, pants are okay for bed, but NEVER for leaving the house, unless my mom lets me wear a dress over them. Then maybe, depending on my mood, but usually not.