Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mother of the Year

Today, in Callum news, this happened:

(My first thought? Look at that. He's doing the right handed thing again.)

It washed off just enough to make it look like a blotchy, unidentifiable rash. Which, super awesome timing, because I called him out sick today because Olive was already home sick, and half day Wednesday schedule means I spend 40 minutes of driving + drop-off/pick-up for 75 minutes of instructional time, which is bullshit when I too am sick.

Then, in 6th grade news, I learned that if arranged with great care one can hide A LOT of homework under a 3'x5' rug and pad before things get lumpy. Well played, G.

I regret I was too wft in the moment to take a picture of his lovely work. I have included a sample page of said undone homework for scale because the ginormous front door throws it off.

Finally, I discovered that Callum had also found time today to give our kitten Mr. Wuffles a bit of a haircut with safety scissors. No picture, sadly, as it was just chunks of length off his left hind quarters and only visible in person. Here is the delightful Mr. Wuffles on a better day:

(His ear was clipped by a rescue to show he'd been fixed before going back outside with his stray mother. NOT CALLUM!)

(We sure know how to look bad though, don't we?)

Teaching Number Three to Ski

We had planned to copy all the other parents and harness him with rope, but the resort had run out of adult rentals. So when his 6 year old sister was done we stuck her far too big equipment on his 3 year old self and low-teched it.

It was awesome! He's obviously terrified, right, with the yelling and waving "Hi!"

Truthfully it is exactly how we (and by that I mean Jason) taught number two Olive to ski, too. Only difference was the pushing was all her idea. While Callum wanted to try skiing, it was pretty obvious it was originally more about the ride up.

(Now if I can just convince Olive to snowboard more. Because she not only rocked it the one time she tried it, but omg adorable. My only hope is that she loves her Sorrels so much she wears them with her sundresses.)

Out of the Mouth and Pen of Olive

All kids say and do things that when taken out of context make for some fun shit. It just seems like Olive says/does more than her fair share. These two are about a week apart.

Olive says...

"Yay it's closed! Now I can go have a drink."

Olive draws...

(Taken from Sandra Boynton's "Opposites")