Friday, January 29, 2016

Wuffles the Great

We weren't sure we'd ever get another cat. It took 7 months to find the right one. And while he/she drives me crazy on a daily basis, this is how Callum plays him/her on a daily basis. Callum is singing "Rock a Bye Baby" while violently rolling him/her back and forth, and he/she does not give any fucks.

It's been 13 straight months of love, so yeah, he/she's a keeper.

(Confused about Mr. Wuffle's gender? So are we. That story another day.)

Monday, January 04, 2016

Olive and the Appliance

Meet Olive.
Olive sucks her thumb.
Olive's dentist has an appliance for that.
It costs $800 and works in 30 days!
Olive's mother was dubious, at best, but insurance would pay half.
Olive's mother said, "But we leave it on longer."
Because Olive has superpowers.
Olive's dentist assured Olive's mother that 30 days is almost always enough time.
Olive and her entourage drove to the very far away dentist many, many times for fittings, second fittings, spacers, more spacers, impressions, installation, and adjustments.
Olive defeated the appliance within 24 hours. Twice.
Olive's dentist is embarrassed. He's done over a thousand of these and she is only the third to find a workaround.
Olive's mother is not surprised.
After more fittings and spacers and impressions Olive's third appliance did not fit because she grew a molar.
New impressions, fourth appliance to be made and overnighted at dentist's insistence before her superpowers do their super thing.
Olive's mother is embarrassed, but grateful for guarantees.

Month: Five. Visits: 8 or 9? Adults:0, Olive: All the points.

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Callum in Beauty Face

Oh my Callum, what beautiful alabaster skin you have! It's like you got a hold of my phone and found some bullshit airbrushing feature.