Friday, June 22, 2007

Quick & Dirty IUI #1 Update

We did our first IUI two weeks ago today. Everything looked great...1 good sized egg *just* about to release, good lining, and a fantastic washed sample from J.

This morning, before I could go in for my beta, AF showed. Making plans now for IUI #2 in July.

I can still add the beta to the blood tests that I am having done tomorrow, but for now I've decided not to go in as scheduled. I called my RE and he said it was fine since we'll continue with at least one more unmedicated cycle before trying meds. My parents are arriving from California this afternoon for a visit so it's actually nice to have something to cross of my list for today.

While I've been through every possible emotion the last few weeks, I am not devastated by the news. I never expected this to work the first or even second month...I'm thinking long term. And honestly, it feels good to be out of limbo.

Bring on the margaritas!


Fingertip Offerings said...

Aww Heidi that sux :(

But you have a great attitude!


Bean said...

Yuck -- sorry it didn't work. But I'll join you with the margaritas!