Saturday, July 12, 2008

And This Two Shall Pass

Hello, my name is Heidi. Second-time parent, first-time administrice d'enema.

That means I gave my daughter a shit pill.

It appears that Ollie's first big-girl poop may be stuck in the chute. According to our Ped, she's reached the ripe old age when her cottage cheese-like curdy stools give way to something...uh...more solid?* She wiggles, she grunts, she turns various shades of red and purple, but her little muscles just don't have the oomph. My poor baby!

It's been 11 days people.

The Rx:
-1/2 Infant Gylcerin Suppository, cut "girth-wise"
Manually pinch cheeks closed for 15 minutes to retain pill and prevent seepage. Deisred effect generally produced in 1/4 to 1 hour. (Currently 3h 22m and counting...) If bowel movement has not been passed after 8 hours, repeat. If that doesn't work, call the Ped.

I just love how these things always fall on a Sunday.

*Neither J or I remember this from the Cracker, just the introduction to solids. Yick. Something to look forward to, especially since we are cloth diapering.** I'm totally jonesing one of these.

**Except not tonight, even though I know cloth would handle a blowout better (shout out to my girl Izabela: her diapers can hold anything, and her stiching is a work of art that will make you weep) but because I am as equally fond of our fluffies as I am terrified of what will hopefully come out of my daughter.

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Niffer said...

oh the poor little girl! I remember the day Ellie learned about constipation and prunes, but she never went 10 days!!! I was always amazed when I heard stories of babies only having a bowel movement every 5 days and I thought it was crazy. Ellie was always a good pooper trooper.