Sunday, November 30, 2008


"The tumor is right near the surface" he said. "It's highly accessible, but they still expect the surgery to take 4 to 5 hours."
"I'm just surprised. That seems like an awfully long time."
"It's brain surgery. Obviously you haven't been watching ER and Grey's with Mom."
Chuckling, "No, I haven't."


"The anaesthetist just came out to let me know that they're done with the resection and are beginning to close. He said they think they got it all, they think they got it all."
"They think they got it all."


"The surgeon said that the surgery was a complete success! They did everything they hoped to do, and there were no complications."


"The surgeon came by today, and while we were talking he said that the goal was to remove eighty to ninety percent of the tumor. He thinks they got close to ninety."
"Ninety percent? That's not 'all of it.'"

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Niffer said...

Wow. It's one of those situations that only happen to "other people".


On a slightly different note, I wonder if our products are used in that type of tumor removal. I know they're used in the body cavity, but in the brain, I'm not sure. 90% seems to me like it's a lot less than you'd expect the doctors to be able to get out, or at least less than you'd expect the doctors to be happy about. What happens to the other 10%?

HUG again. Have Ollie give you a kiss for me.