Wednesday, March 27, 2013

In the Name of Love

I often joke that growing up five miles outside of San Francisco didn't prepare me for the world, nor did being an exchange student living in Spain*, New Zealand**, and Argentina***.

But this time I'm not talking about my redneck neighbors. Not exactly.

Twenty three years ago my Aunt Florence took her own life. There were numerous contributing factors, but the biggest was feeling like an outcast, even in liberal Northern California, even with the support of her partner and our family.

I can't believe that twenty three years later things haven't even changed all that much. Holy fucking Chick-fil-A Day.

It not just about benefits, it's about respect, and love. It's not an agenda, it's people's lives.

Rest In Peace, Aunt Flo.

*Same sex marriage legal since 2005.
**Same sex marriage legalized in 2013.
***Same sex marriage legal since 2010.

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