Thursday, October 19, 2006

By Request: Pumpkin Update

So here we are, a mere two weeks away from Halloween. My pumpkins are (TA DA!) still yellow.

Looks like the grand total is going to be three pumpkins, none of which are the result of my early morning escapades. The mid-September hail damage destroyed all but one of the little ones and the bugs had a field day. The pesticide worked on the worms, but then I got the creepiest little black and red stripped buggers everywhere, and round two and three of pesticide did nothing. On the plus side, for the last month my little patch has millions of ladybugs, which is providing some entertainment in that whatever those red and black guys are, the ladybugs eat off all the fleshy parts and leave the rest.


In other I'm-attempting-to-self-landscape-my-yard-so-check-back-in-5-years-for-the-finished-product news:

My Blue Spruce is going crazy with the pinecone making. This was a bit of a surprise considering that a Dwarf Alberta Spruce that's already been through one winter here never made any. Guess I need to study up on evergreens. (I wish I had a better picture, but I'm still learning how to use the new digital camera. It's not going well.) Now we'll get to do some pinecone art. Sweet!

Fall never came to LLL this year. Instead we went from 80 degrees one day to super evil wind and a high of 50 something the next week with a little flooding on the side. There were maybe two nice weeks during which I got a little more border up while J was camping with a friend but that was it. So much for my plans of getting a lot done outside during my favorite season.

Oddly enough, my heat loving tomatoes that I planted in August are still going crazy. I have at least a couple dozen that should be ready in the next week. Huh? And the peppers are finally taking off. Okay...did I miss something? We had a freeze last night and I'm pretty sure it wasn't the first. (My annuals certainly are not taking it well.)

Happy Fall!

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emzeegee & the hungry three said...

Thanks Heidi - damn those suckers are getting big! I'm also an "accidental gardner" - frankly, I hate gardening and everything to do with it, but I'm strangely proud when random crap starts growing. Take for example my little pots of succulents (like aloe vera and other 'soft' cacti) - bunch of things around them died, so the little buggers just propogated into those plants. I now am the proud owner of a succulent display which I didn't really have anything to do with. :)

...and Happy Summer to me, as DH and trio just planted far too many tomato plants.