Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tell me please that no one is buying this

You gotta love unsolicited junk mail, especially the catalogues.

From Lilly's Kids: Vending Machine doubles as bank!
"Fill the 6 clear compartments with any fun-sized candies and treats. Ages 3 and up."

All I can say is that online the description is a little less offensive.
But in going online to get you a picture I learned that IT'S ON BACKORDER.

And right under it in the catalogue:

(I think I'll skip the social commentary on my initial reaction of this particular mailorder company.)


emzeegee & the hungry three said...

...and supposedly we are worrying about an obesity epidemic, especially among our children? These products make me want to hurl.

Sara said...

Not only are they selling them, but when my 3yo picked up the catalog, that was the first thing she responded to (the vending machine) and then she and her brother both said "Ooh" to the McDs set.

They've seen a vending machine used perhaps twice in their wee little lives!

I told them both that play food had to be real kinds of food that you could pretend to cook with, rather than pieces of pretend fast food that you could only pretend to sell or eat.

(P.S. following your blog from Know-it-All Moms ;) )