Friday, December 01, 2006

More Than Meets the Eye

"I want to watch Tubbies."
"How about we watch Transformers instead?"
"No, I want to watch Tubbies."
"Daddy doesn't want to watch Teletubbies. How about Voltron!"
The Cracker shakes his head no.
"Monsters, Inc?"
"No Daddy. I not like those movies."
"But they're cartoons."
"Cartoons is not for kids. They's for Daddies!"


2002 (Heidi 2006 called and wants those arms back)


2004 (He can't wear this shirt now unless he's got pants on "because it matches" his leg tatt. See 2006 picture)

2005 (J's Saabatron after battling Idiot Driver's Ford F150)


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