Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sayonara Second Trimester

Good riddance.

I haven't been blogging because really all I want to do is complain, and complaining makes me feel like a total ass because I am fully aware that the world is full of people with real problems. (Not that any of that has stopped me from having the occasional pity party...I just haven't published any of it until now. But this will at least be condensed.) (And for the record, until week 37 with the Cracker I had the most boring pregnancy ever. Seriously.)

So, in the spirit of cleansing and moving on and having what I have decided will be the awesomest third trimester ever, here we go.

What I learned this second trimester:

Spotting that came out of nowhere and lasted a good full week = unexplained and apparently not of concern (after ultrasound) to anyone but us.

Still feeling really rundown = anemic by blood volume.

Not having a gallbladder = icky digestion issues = no weight gain through week 21. (But go me...I gained 4lbs for my week 25 appointment after holiday binging.)

It may just be two or three drops every time I sneeze, but incontinence = incontinence = unacceptable and deeply disturbing.

Back pain so low that really it's better described as above the crack all the way across my ass pain, but more so on my left = sciatica = Oh! So that's why my leg keeps falling asleep, except that it's painful, and stomping around/rain dancing does not even kinda wake it up = a bad day cannot just be walked off...the only relief is to lay down.

By week 24 standing up = swelling, but sitting = back pain = I prefer swelling. (Uh...isn't this a little early???) New thing learned: I can swell out of Birkenstocks but I cannot swell out of Crocs = good to know.

The uncontrollable urge to nest = a bitch on a bad sciatica day. Think I'm just going to get out of bed to unload/reload the dishwasher because of my God I fucking refuse to have any dirty dishes in the sink and it's going to make me feel better about the fact that I can't tear the closets apart and/or move furniture that's too heavy to move anyway that my husband swore he'd move last weekend by didn't = hysterical sobbing because even such a rudimentary task really really hurts and why the fuck can't I stop myself from doing in anyway? = I am screwed if I ever become a chronic pain patient = I am a wuss even if I did do a natural childbirth the first time around.

My first ever UTI. My first ever kidney infection. Apparently they were "raging." (And after a round of antibiotics incontinence = gone! Happyhappyhappy!) (And for the sake of brevity we won't get into my less than a day hospital stay, but yes, they did take it seriously and made a big affair of making sure I wasn't in preterm labor.)

In a misguided and unconscious attempt to deal with the Sciatica = start walking/sleeping/sitting/something funny that causes upper back pain = keeps getting worse = more crying because dammit I want to be detailing baseboards with Q-tips and cleaning up the cat gak that my son just slide across the carpet on.

(Think I'm done now.)

And in good news:

Waking up with leg cramps was new to me this pregnancy too, but I have now perfected the art of waking up, flexing my foot before they take hold and falling back asleep all within 1 second. Check me out...I'm super fucking talented.

My first Chiropractor appointment is Monday, and insurance is supposedly going to cover it without a referral. I. Am. So. Excited.

I got a pregnancy pillow today that came highly recommended and so far seems to rock. Lo and behold there's even still room for J in the bed. (He totally wanted to try it out because he thought it looked "awesome" so I totally took his picture with it and we thought we were pretty damn funny in the moment.) (Yes, we know that while perfectly suited for each other that no one else would ever love either or us, so this is it.)

First and middle...we have a full official name. (It's even been official for more than a month.) The first name is uncommon enough that it hasn't hit the Social Security Administration's Top 1000 Most Popular Girl's Names list since 1950 (very important to J) yet it isn't something that we made up. It's part old fashioned, part spunky, something you've heard of and comes with 3 fantastic possible nicknames. We're totally in love. The middle name is a variation of a tradition from my family where girls are named after a particular line of tugboats. J was very sweet about giving up one of his favorite names early on, which was good, While it started out as a joke, he seriously fell in love with Creirdyddlydd. I shit you not. "Thirteen letters and five of them are Ds...It's beautiful." UhhNO. On a random note, out of our top 3 girl names (all of which were decently unusual) 2 have been used in the last few months by Australian celebrities. (And for those who know me from back when or remember the stories of my crazy youth...I did my last foreign exchange student gig in New Zealand, not Australia.)

Anyway, that about catches things up. Sayonara.


Niffer said...


I would SOOOO call you right now and force you to tell me what name you picked but I lost my phone recently and for some strange reason my new one didn't have your number saved as a default. UGH!

Tell me! Tell me! I am so excited to hear what it is! Pah-leeeese????

Jules said... gonna leave us in complete suspense about the name...?

That last paragraph was an awesome build-up, and as I was reading it I was thinking I couldn't wait to get to the bottom, because you were going to reveal the name...and then.....not!

Heidi said...

Well now you're just going to be disappointed! (Too much suspense for sure.) It was late and I just didn't know what to do since I don't use the Cracker's real name here.

Her first name is Olive. J plans on calling her Ollie, which I love, and I think Liv and Livvy are really awesome too. I'm waiting to see what comes natural.

Middle name is from the Moran family of tugs. I'll leave it at that since the combo is highly googeable. At the time my mom and her sister were born the Nancy, Christine, and Eugenia were all sharing the same home port. My grandfather picked Christine and Nancy. They are both still very gratefull to have not been named Eugenia. My mom also likes to point out that her sister's tug "has a bigger ass".

Faerie Mom said...

I think Olive is a fab name. Very unusual in this day and age! Your pregnancy sounds like my last one where I felt as if nothing was going right! LOL. Hope your third tri is much nicer to you..