Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Letters Home From School

From the Cracker's teacher:

"If you are sending something in your child's lunch that requires cooking in a microwave, please note that we only have time to heat things up that take a minute or less. We cannot cook noodles or other meals. We can only heat them."

Noodles? Other meals??? WTF are people sending? Hot Pockets?


emzeegee & the hungry three said...

I had to laugh at this - because so many times I've seen the same notice and thought, "OKAY...WHO is sending their kids to school with a steak and baked potato and making me look bad?!"

Eventually I realised it was families from other cultural backgrounds, where having a bigger meal at lunchtime is the norm. For us it was especially Russian and Indian families, who would send dhal, curry, rice...pierogies, blah blah.


...but I'm sure there is a parent out there sending Hot Pockets, too.


Charo said...

Interesting to know.