Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Friday Night

Greetings from California.

Tonight, for the first time this trip, I finally got my lazy ass down to visit the bridge. It's something I usually do every night.

Hello bridge.

It was foggy and rainy and damp but surprisingly warm, and the smell of wet eucalyptus was everywhere.

It would have been a much needed clear my head moment had there not been a group of super annoying loud tourists who just would not leave. I guess I still think of Ft. Baker as for locals only, and the Headlands for everyone.

Oh well. Maybe tomorrow.


Niffer said...

I had no idea your parents lived in San Francisco! I LOVE it there!

Niffer said...

I hope you get your bridge to yourself soon.

Heidi said...

Oh gawd woman, you didn't think I was from LA did you?!

The name of the town I'm from is on my fb page. It's just a few (literally) miles outside of the city on the other side of the bridge. And yes, my parents are still there, in the same house, since 1972.