Tuesday, February 03, 2009

It's Good to be Home

(Audio only. Transcript follows.)

Why yes, yes he did.

Answering machine message:
"Hi, this is XXX, the school nurse at XXX Elementary School. Just wanting to touch base with you in regards to the fact that I saw [the Cracker] today. Nose bleed. Ummm...I think he may have, possibly, put a pencil up into his nose..."


Niffer said...

Wow! At least it was a pencil and not something more spiky. I put great big spiky seeds up my nose once and had to be put under to get them out. Is he ok?

Niffer said...

How did you get the message from your voice mail and onto YouTube?

I'd love to do this for a voice mail that Lorielle left my sister.

Heidi said...

I used my digital camera to do a voice recording (wav) file but following all of Blogger's instructions for a Podcast neither of us could get it to work. We have an old fashioned answering machine so I just hit play, pointed the camera at our black microwave and made an avi off the digi cam instead.

Ouch! Glad you're okay! The Cracker is just fine. It happened while I was in California, but J saved the message for me. I guess there was a fair amount of blood. J called me (almost never good LOL) to ask how to get the blood out of his uniform shirt. Good man, my husband.

M.B. said...

That's why they have those soft cushy pads on top of pencils, right? What? Eraser? That's an ERASER? Who knew?

<---stuck a dried bean up her nose at age three

Heidi said...

I guess better a nose than an ear. But ouch.