Sunday, October 18, 2009

Single White Female

Name: Olive
18 months

Interests and Activities:
  • climbing
  • trying on shoes
  • meowing at cats
  • sand
  • pretending to make smoothies in my toy blender
  • pushing my doll stroller
  • the words naho! and me!
  • "decorative posable bat with 8 foot wing span and battery operated LED eyes" (available at Costco, limited time offer)
  • pants
  • not being allowed to wear my Converse high-tops to bed
  • pants
  • delayed gratification
  • pants
  • when my parents don't understand me
  • pants
Favorite food?
E-ewe-ees (smoothies)

Favorite animal(s)?
Dogs, bears, and bunny rabbits

Favorite music:
Favorite Books:
To be able to climb everything my brother can climb, especially onto the giant no-net trampoline that sits 4+ feet off the ground at C and S's house.

Anything else?
Yes, pants are okay for bed, but NEVER for leaving the house, unless my mom lets me wear a dress over them. Then maybe, depending on my mood, but usually not.


Mrs. Bird said...

How funny that she won't wear pants! Brooklyn doesn't care, I don't think, as long as she gets to choose her "choos."

Heidi said...

Hehe! Little girls and their shoes! Olive is about to outgrow her favorite pair, and the print has been discontinued. I'm scared.