Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Two Weeks

Two weeks to the day after losing my Mom we spent the night at the vet, very unexpectedly putting our cat to sleep.

Back to raw.

Rest in peace, Belle. You were a little shit from day one, but in a super cool kind of way. You and your naughty antics will be missed.

(Tinker)Belle, 2001-2010


Jericho said...

I'm so sorry that you've had a downer kinda week. Loved your little message to Belle. She's probably being naughty somewhere in cat heaven. *hug*

Annisa said...

I remember when you sent me your first pics of her. She really was a stinker right from the start. Hopefully she's raising hell in kitty heaven. Love you xoxo

Anonymous said...

I second Annisa's comment - we miss our fuzzy friends so much, but that's because we loved them and all their querks. BTW - that is a GREAT pic of her.
- Vicky