Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day One: Trying to Use My Words

What I really wanted and needed today was have some quiet time to myself. Quiet time, by myself, uninterrupted.

Strike one, husband had to work. Strike two, my little guy's birthday. Strike three, stay at home mom of an easily angered 23.5 month old. Strike four, I don't want to turn off my phone because there are people I want to be able to reach me: my kid's school, my husband, and my dad.

First thing first, after being told explicitly by her brother last night that I wanted a day without phones, and then reading on Facebook this morning that I wanted to have a day without phones, my sister-in-law, who last year didn't call, didn't send a present, or even a frickin card for either of my kid's birthdays, sends me a Facebook message wanting to know if it's okay for her to call. Right, because when your brother said, "The one and only thing you can do for Heidi right now is NOT CALL" he totally didn't mean it. It's opposite day, y'all!

In the 35 minutes that I was in the Cracker's classroom this afternoon I received 7 unsolicited text messages. The kids actually stopped singing happy birthday to my child to yell out "YOUR PHONE IS BEEPING AGAIN!" I don't have a text plan because I am a stay at home mom. If I can't talk then I can't text either. Seriously, if it isn't need-to-know-right-now-or-the-universe-explodes information fucking e-mail it to me. I promise I will enjoy your non-time-sensitive messages a few minutes (or, gasp, hours!) later when they don't cost me a quarter each. Really, seven BEEP!BEEP!BEEP! texts during a 35 minute party? No, not disruptive at all.


Scene: The Cracker's classroom. Enter Carmen's mom.

"How is your mom?"
Whispering. "She's gone. (Gulp.) But I'm here to celebrate the Cracker's birthday and he doesn't know."
"It is."
"When did she die?"
"Yesterday. But the Cracker doesn't know. I can't talk about it right now." And the kid is 5 feet away. Pretty sure this was the point at which I put my sunglasses on, cause you know, welling up now.
"When yesterday?"
Lady, I don't even know your first name. Fuck, I don't even know your your last name.
"Early afternoon. Excuse me, I need to go set up."
She follows. The Cracker comes over and attaches himself to my leg.

"Oh I think he knows. He was so sad yesterday. When are you going home?"
"We're not."
"Is she being cremated?"

What the fuck is wrong with people?! I am using my big girl words. Why can't they listen?


Niffer said...

OMG. OMG. Are you serious? There are people out there who are that insanely blind and insensitive? Even **IF** Cracker knew (which I can't blame you at all for not telling... I wouldn't have) then his birthday celebration is NOT the time to bring it up, let alone linger on the topic!

I can't believe how insensitive that is!

This pisses me off for you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Carmen,

My mommy says that your mommy is an insensitive dumbass. I'm so sorry to hear that! I hope it's not hereditary!


Vicky said...

ARGH!! don't you love those people who can't buy a clue! I am sorry to hear about your mom, but I understand you must be feeling sad and relieved. All my love.

Anonymous said...

People are idiots. I'm so so sorry.

Annisa said...

What a jackass... I am so sorry. I hope Cracker was able to enjoy the day and you were able to enjoy him.

I am guessing that I am part of the annoyance with the texting (I know I sent him a bday text and then one last night) and it truly is not the intent, its just that I text when I want to send a quick note or message because it is faster than emailing. I will definately be mindful. I know there was never going to be a good time, however their certainly could not have been a harder time. I can't imagine what you are going through. You know I am here when you need someone. I'll be around when you are ready. Love you xoxo