Friday, April 13, 2012

Eleven Months Old. Also, Hair.

Yesterday, during a diaper change, Mr. Stinkermuffin Pooper-Doodle grabbed his hair brush and was like, "Momma, this is a hairbrush, and this is how I brush my own hair. See?"

Oh, melty heart! Momma needs to write that down!

(Except that I forgot. Until the next diaper change when there was an encore presentation. And then I forgot again. And then he did it again again. Third time's a charm.)

And now a picture of the back of my kid's head.


I never thought I'd be that mom, but hair + teething necklace, and strangers, who always knew he was a boy before, have begun telling what an adorable little girl we have. Plus that picture is already three weeks old. Ahem, length is not helping.

So how long can I hold out? Scary question. Olive has never had a haircut, and she's turning four next week. Husband doesn't care/is scared of crazy baby-loving woman, so no pressure there.

If only they'd stop growing for just a little while.


Mrs. Bird said...

So sweet! I cut broklyn's hair right after her first birthday. I have some superstition that you have to wait until at least a She's had tons of haircuts though....she has tons of hair!

Heidi said...

Waiting a year...I like that!

The fact that both our boys both have had so much hair, and then Olive had none makes us chuckle every day. G started needing regular hair cuts at 8 months, and C's bangs are at eyelash level... Sigh, maybe after his birthday.