Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Bites

Valentine's Day, 5:30pm, Meeting for Dinner

Me: Rawr! Damn you lookin' fine!
Him: Yeah? That's good, because [super mega giant company] showed up unannounced at my cube today.
Me: Squinting. What's wrong with your ear lobe?
Him: ?
Me: Inspecting... OH CRAP! Is that a hickey?! Did I give you a hickey?
Him: On my ear? What? No! There was biting...
Me: Oh shit, you're right! That's what it is! It looks exactly like when Callum bites Olive, purple bruising and then...right there! Teeth marks!
Him: Smiling, nodding. That's awesome!

Hehe, and that was just from regular ol' Ash Wednesday night.

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