Friday, February 08, 2013

More Crazy Like a Grandparent

At school, nearly empty classroom:

Teacher: Hi there! We were just discussing Olive's tooth brushing skills. She is amazing to watch! Front, back, backside, all those hard to reach places... She brushes better than most adults! Please, tell us your secret!

Me: Yeeeeeeah, that was my dad.

Silence. Teacher, teacher's aide, and student teacher all looking at me expectantly.

Me: He, umm...well, like a year ago...he, uh, was trying to get her big brother to understand the importance of good oral hygiene, and it wasn't working. So, um, he googled "Meth mouth."


Me: It didn't work on G. You know, nine year old boys! It was so gross he thought it was hysterically funny. But it made an impression on Olive.

Teacher, laughing: It certainly did!

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The Horse said...

Ahh a story for her 16th Birthday party im sure.