Sunday, October 27, 2013

Gifted, Part I

Report in her hand, Olive's teacher started with the standard monologue. But I'd been reading G's assessments for years, and I knew right where to find scores with a stolen glance.

"It's a formative test designed and administered to first and second graders, not kindergartners. It does not match our school curriculum, but it provides a baseline score in which we can chart a student's growth. Much of what she was tested on will not even be introduced until second and third grade!"

And kindergarten Olive aced it, her very first standardized test: top of the ninety-ninth percentile nationally in math. (Ninety-fourth percentile in reading.)

Her teacher reached across the table and took my hands, forcing me to look her in the eye. "Your daughter is not just gifted, she is exceptionally gifted."

Welcome Olive, to Gifted & Talented and Honors everything.

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Mrs. Bird said...

Good job, Olive!!!