Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Five shopping months til Christmas

...and we're being reminded daily of what he wants from Santa.

Oh God.

The list so far:

A red wheelbarrow with blue wheels.
(Uhh...has anyone seen this particular color combo?)

A toy combine with crawler tracks, John Deere or Caterpillar brand.

Another toy motor grader, but this time smaller so as to match the scale of his other construction and farm vehicles.

A Caterpillar movie.
(But maybe I can get away with this if it's still on the list at Christmastime)

A John Deere Gator or Buck with dumper, child sized for his driving pleasure.
(My parents and I actually heavily researched this idea last year, but he was already way too tall for the less expensive 2-4 year old one.)
(And it was a very poorly made piece of crap.)
(And I prefer ride-ons where they have to work for it, not just run off batteries.)

An "actual" (his word for NOT A TOY) excavator with crawler tracks, also John Deere or Caterpillar brand.
(So he can help us finish the back yard.)

A pink dump truck for Baby Elephant, because she's a girl.
(BE has replaced Not Bob as best bed friend.)

A John Deere Gator for J, so he'll help Mommy in the yard.
(No comment.)

At least he's finally stopped asking for a dog.


Fingertip Offerings said...

Hermie the Common Catepillar is a great movie. There is also a book, of course, by Max Lucado.

Look at the bottom of the page this links to:


Fingertip Offerings said...

Okay I just realized that you meant caterpillar the construction equipment, not the...well, caterpillar.