Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's Not a Penis, It Just Looks Like One On the Internet

For Mother's Day my amazing son wrote (in Kindergartenese), illustrated (in green highlighter*), and bound (with staples) a book for yours truly. And quite the egocentric flip book it was.

Awww...he made a flip book!

"This is me! And this is me! This is still me too!" Flipping, flipping, flipping. Uh oh. This page no writing.

Phallic art! My favorite!

"And this is our house!"


This is our house. Where do you live?

Somehow my dear husband senses that I'm thinking about peni and comes running.

Seriously dude, there's no fire. Go on now and run back to wheres youse cames frum.

"Look at this beautiful representation your son made. OF OUR HOUSE."
"Our house?"
"It has grass! See the grass! Hahaha! Grass! No wait! No wait! I meant bush! See the bush! Hahahahahahaha!"

Whatevs. You're a penis.

*Highlighters are still so banned for being NOT washable and having been used as late as 4 to draw on the furniture purposely and more than once. If not drawing with highlighters keeps him out of an ivy league school I'm okay with that.


Niffer said...

I love how easily your stories make me laugh.

Katelyn said...

Hahaha, that's great! I teach first grade, I see a lot of phallic art. In fact, one of my kids did some phallic phonics the other day, classic!

Saw a comment you posted on the Spohrs site and just had to check out a post with this title....and, I see you're in NM like me! Have a great week!