Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Single White Male

Code name: The Cracker
Age: 6.5 years old

Interests and Activities:
  • museums
  • literature
  • transportation
  • collecting sticks and other forms of nature
  • dressing up/role play
  • good guys vs. bad guys
  • play fighting
  • weaponry
  • 6 year old male humor
  • all money making schemes
  • fundraising prizes!
  • party favor junk
  • bedtime
  • being asked to pee before a long car trip
Favorite food?
Pink Lady apples

Favorite animal?
My cat Corie

Favorite books:
Mr. Putter and Tabby (series)
Skippyjon Jones (series)
Chicks and Salsa
Eight Animals Bake a Cake

  • To sell random free shit treasures I find, like leaves, to strangers.
  • lose a baby tooth
Anything else?

I am as sweet and loving as I am energetic. I am known for being that kid who is nice to everyone; I will never be mean to you or put you down. For this reason I am always given the role of ambassador to new students. I am loved by the ladies and find myself the only male at many (intimate) birthday bashes, and if I don't stop getting invited to everyone's party my parents will soon go broke. I love life, my family, and especially my little sister. My parents are so proud of the young man I've become.

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Mrs. Bird said...

What a handsome little guy! Great post :)