Thursday, January 19, 2006

Another Windy Day

Cracker and I decided it was high time to check out the library in our new town. Our favorite library is now quite the haul since we moved. How far? So far I'd have to pack snacks.

Luck was on our side, and parked next door was a fire truck, complete with firemen. I had no sooner lured him away with the promise of finding Bob the Builder books when we spotted a tractor working at the park bordering the library. Ironically, the friendly tractor operator was named Bob. Cracker has yet to understand that some names, unlike his own, are common. Bob on a tractor, huh? He sure didn't LOOK like Bob the Builder.

Once inside we learned that they carry NO BOB THE BUILDER BOOKS. A little disappointing, but still a great library. However, we found what I think are some even better alternatives: Martson's Big Rigs and a series called Machines @ Work that had a volume for every vehicle imaginable. Of the latter, Cracker recommends Buses, followed by Cherry Pickers and Rescue Helicopters. But if you're only going to get one, make it Buses.

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