Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Perfect Afternoon

Those of you with little people know that there are good days and not-so-good days. I am happy to report that today was an splendiferous day! I'm still beaming from ear to ear.

Cracker and I ventured out into the evil wind to Home Depot to pick up a specialty lightbulb. Now, HD is the closest retail store to our house, and for some reason I'll never understand, I always point it out to him as we drive by. Boy does my boy love the orange box giant! And so with great pride I must share that the newest addition to his vocabulary is Home Depot. Unlike his other recent and very clear new words, this one needs context since it's a little off. At first I thought he was saying elbow, but no, "Ho Bobo" is indeed HD. He can say home and he can say house clearly, but putting that together with depot is hard, ya know? Currently, the only other business he verbally acknowledges is Starbucks, which is "Momma tea! Momma tea! TEA!" (Venti black iced tea, no shaking, no sweetener. I'm an old school tea drinker.)

In Cracker's mind, Ho Bobo far outranks traditional toddler favorites like the zoo. I mean they've got forklifts, men with tool belts, garden hoses and nozzles (waber!) not to mention an amazingly large selection of faucets and potties on display. Awesome! While we were checking out the hoses Ho Bobo started playing General Public's I'll Take You There. (You may remember it from the movie Threesome, LOL.) IMHO, a very odd choice for their play list. Cracker immediately dropped the light bulbs (they're doing fine, thank you) and started busting a move. This doesn't happen often...the song has to really speak to him, and apparently fake Jamaican rap does. He was shaking his tushie, doing his funny baby strut dance with violent head bobbing...the whole enchilada. I couldn't help but join in, and of course I know most of the words. Probably shouldn't admit that, should I? We were just so in the moment that I didn't notice until the song was over that there were two bewildered male Ho Bobo employees watching us. At least they'll have something to talk about on break now.

When we got home we were tired and cold, so Cracker and I curled up together in my bed and feed each other Parmesan Goldfish crackers. I was laying down, the comforter pulled up to my chin, and Cracker was sitting on top of J's pillow covered to his waist. I had this perfect view of his angelic toddler face from below, and it was such a beautiful moment. He fed me, I fed him, and we giggled when we both reached into the bag at the same time. J came home and was like "You're letting him eat crackers in our bed, and on my side?" Not mad, just wondering what ever possessed his crazy wife to do this. (Even if you excuse the crumbs we have all white bedding, so everything shows.) I made him lay down with us and immediately even his nonoverlyemotional self saw the magic too.

Absolutely splendiferous.

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