Saturday, January 21, 2006

Accessories for the Modern Man

In Cracker news, today was day 8 of his bike helmet phase. Oh yes, it IS what you're imagining. We were getting dressed for a dinner party last Friday night when Cracker spotted his dusty old bike helmet high atop a forgotten shelf in our closet. "Ooh! Hat! MINE!" This is the same helmet that he screamed bloody murder at the sight of only a year ago and absolutely refused to allow in the same room as his head.

But 8 days ago...well...he feel in love, and I can hardly blame him. It is bright yellow, covered with cows and dogs and cats, and that's the reason I bought it. He wears it every waking minute, every where we go. (I draw the line at wearing it to bed for obvious safety reasons.) And it can't just be resting on his have to secure it *tightly* with the chin strap fully fastened. Just thinking about it makes me want to cough up a furball.

Mouse Sporting Helmet

Like everything else toddler, it happened hard and fast, replacing wearing safety goggles on top of his head backwards. Try to picture that.

I figure we've got another week of this before it becomes last season too. Then maybe the curious shoppers at our Costco will stop asking me what type of head injury he has.

Oh, and the funniest part is the reaction of his peers. You should see their little faces when we meet them for a play date in our helmet: fear, curiousity, wonder, acceptance and finally admiration, all in a matter of seconds.

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