Sunday, July 16, 2006

Parents Can Be So Lame

7:30pm last night
"Daddydaddydaddy! You me and mommy too go eat cheese!"
"No, we're not going to eat cheese. We're going to Chinese."
"Cheese Daddy cheese!"
"No, Chi-nese."
"CHEESE!" (starting to get frustrated)
"NO, we're..."
"J, that's what he's saying. Give the kid a break."

2:00pm today, Entering Target, where a browse through the toy aisles is always our last stop (if he behaves)
"Oh cars...oh gucks...whe are youse?"

2:15pm today, Target toy aisle
"Do you think Jonah would like this for his birthday?"
"Yes, is sweet."
"What did you say?"
"Is sweet!"
(Stunned Mommy.)
"Is COOL Mommy, COOL."

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