Thursday, May 17, 2007

Because I Had To

Dinner was ready, the Cracker was napping, and I had a good 4 hours to kill before the Grey's season finale.

(I've been reading on the net that there's going to be a lot of sex tonight. GA is my porn, so they better not be lying.)

I was checking in over at Wannabe Hippie when I found Elaine's post about becoming a bone marrow donor.

OMG...I have to do that.

Okay, really my first instinct was more along the lines of "I want to do that but it's a little bit scary." But being a sucker for sick kids and being a mother myself, it quickly turned into "I have to do that." Because if I am ever contacted it will be for a damn good reason.

I called J and asked if he had any objections, since if I did ever match he would have to deal with me. And take care of the Cracker. Of course it helps that he's totally used to these random kinds of phone calls at work.

So I did it. Already signed up, just waiting for my cheek swab kit which should arrive in 2-3 weeks.

Starting in 2007 (yes, New Year's Resolution, ugh, along with never ever again taking a bag at any store, which another post I'll probably never write) I promised myself that when a good opportunity arose I would stop hesitating and start acting. This is way cooler than donating 11 inches of hair to Locks of Love which was what I finally did two months ago after years of thinking someday. (Yuppers, chopped it short, from elbow length to above the neck, and no, I'm not sharing pics at the moment because the dude made my bangs too heavy when I wasn't even supposed to have bangs and I'm already trying to grow it out again.)

So anyway, it's something to think about. During the Thanks Mom Marrow Donor Drive they are waiving the $52 registration fee.


Niffer said...

Can you send me more information about what you're talking about? Is there a website? What's involved? It sounds potentially like a great idea! How often can you donate? What's the recovery time?

Heidi said...

I'm so happy that you are interested!

Their main website is:

You can get your questions answered on the Donor Resources page.

For more info on their Thanks Mom Drive: