Wednesday, May 09, 2007


If I wait until I have the time and energy to write one big fat post about where we've been so far pursuing an IF diagnosis I think we all know it will never happen. So instead, here are some memorable moments:

Waiting 2 months to get J in for a complete physical with his PCP, only to have him come home and tell me that all they did was check his weight and blood pressure. Oh, and btw, the latter is high. (He has since decided that the doctor was wrong and that the nurse who checked it at his office is right. But he refuses to prove it to me at any of those little pharmacy stands.)

(This is me, banging my head against the wall.)

The moment when we started getting taken seriously after a PCT done just to humor me/shut me up.

(Ah ha! "Everything has come back perfectly normal, so let's just wait a year" MY ASS.)

Having evil nurse swear that she called the lab again and that those darn semen analysis results still aren't available *2 months* after the fact. Picking them up directly from the lab in person and handing them to a stammering her.

(I believe I said "ours, but we'll allow you to make a copy.")

A late Saturday night, working our way through reams of paperwork at the kitchen table sent over by the RE, frustration with each other mounting as we try to agree on whether or not to check high blood pressure (see above) when SNL begins replaying Dick in a Box.

(A truly great moment.)

Ovulating at the in-laws. Suggesting we visit a naughty shop to get him in the mood for perfectly timed sex at his parent's while his entire family is congregating downstairs in a not-so-big house. And having him announce to everyone that his wife is looking for a sex store. And then having someone comment that I am looking for a new dildo I'd seen on the internet. And then having my FIL question whether or not I know that dildos don't make babies and aren't you guys ttc?

(And guess what? I'm expecting a positive OPK Thursday night, with travel back to the in-laws scheduled for Friday. Two months in a row? How sexy/conducive to baby-making is that?!)

And let's never forget the panicky last minute oh-shit-I-forgot coiffing.

(Hurrying is always a bad idea.)

(And I have to give a big thank you to those of you who have listened to me whine, complain and cry up until this point. It's so not over yet.)

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Anonymous said...

LOL, ok, but...Little People in your underwear are a problem...why? I think the worst that could happen is people might think he has a more impressive, uh, package than he really does. Unless, they are in the back, and then it might look like he has dropped a load. Yes, I definately think I'd just restrict the LP to the front and move on. Pick your battles. :)