Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Breakfast is always yogurt since my dear son still refuses to drink milk. YoBaby, our brand of choice, comes packaged in three different flavor combos: apple and blueberry, pear and peach, or banana and vanilla. The Cracker decided a few months back that he only eats banana and vanilla.

So every morning I ask for Your Majesty's choice...banana or vanilla, pronounced by the Cracker as "nanana" and "fower" (because you know vanilla is a flower and not just a bean, or at least there is a picture of a flower on the package, so go with me on this one.) Usually we start with "nanana" and then move to a "fower" and then for #3 it's totally up in the air. But this morning I was told "No nanana, no fower.!" Yeah, I don't think so.

There is no pie in my house. The only time there is ever pie in my house is when my parent's visit twice a year. Other than that, you will not find pie here. J doesn't like pie, and I don't want to eat a whole one myself. My tushie doesn't need that.

Toddlers never forget. It's pretty creepy.

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