Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Potty Update

A few nights ago, after a bath, the Cracker was running around nekkid for all of 5 minutes while we hunted down all the junk it takes to get the Cracker to bed.

*diaper insert for extra absorbency
*waterproof pants (no leaks here!)
*tooth brush
*tooth paste
*clean-ish sippy cup of water
*favorite blankie, aka night-night blankie
*favorite stuffed animals
*blankies for favorite stuffed animals

Normally one of us gets it together while the other watches him in the bath, but we were both far too lazy.

So, the Cracker is running around nekkid, goes into our office/music room, and turns on J's keyboard and starts to play. (Totally sidetracking here, but oh my God, I just have to tell you how cute it is! He sings too! Current favorites include his own version of the alphabet song, Old McDonald Had a Farm, and an original piece about Nana and Pappy going home on an airplane.) Anyway, after a minute of playing he just lets loose and starts peeing on the carpeted floor...the carpet in our 7 month old house. I let out a yelp, and he immediately stops. "Sweetie, we pee on the potty, not on the floor!" With a serious face he says "Uh oh. Oh no Momma. (And now giggling) Eeeew!"

And, of course, I am totally out of Resolve since the cats have been gacking all friggin week, forcing me to unearth the steam cleaner from the disaster we call our garage. (But we can get both cars in, a feat of which we are immensely proud.)

We quickly usher him to his own little potty, and after a few minutes of funny faces and deep thought, he finishes what he started. "Mommy is so proud of you! You went pee in the potty! Hooray!" And of course, if you pee in the potty at my house, you get a cookie. "J, where is that box of vanilla wafers? I have to give him a cookie! Right now! He went pee on the potty! Where are they? Find them!" "Uh, I ate them..." And so, out of desperation, we gave him an Oreo. Nothing like giving your child a cookie right before bed with the only natural ingredient being sugar, don't cha think?

Sadly, as with the two previous pees in the potty since October, it was just another isolated achievement.

And that, my friends, is this month's potty update.

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