Friday, May 26, 2006

The Eternal Democrat

After my most recent all time low, now the good stuff just keeps pouring in.

Last night my parents called. We'd been discussing a visit for some time, but this was the actual "how are these dates and can we go ahead and book tickets?" call. And they did.

Since the day he was born, they've been offering to take him off our hands for a night. All night. Stupid me has always said no. First it was breastfeeding, then it that I'd miss him too much. Then he was in that clingy phase forever where if I even disappeared from sight for a split second to go to the bathroom (but Dad and everyone else was still there) he'd have the biggest freak attack. Then I just got used to saying no thanks even though I didn't know why anymore.

So before they could even offer for the millionth time, I quickly rushed in with "and you can have him for a whole night! He's yours!" And this isn't under my roof...they are getting a hotel room 10 miles away.

My mom, rightfully taken aback, asked if I was sure.
"Yes, he's yours!"
"But...err...what about the potty thing?"
"But do you think he will he sleep okay?"
"Oh yeah! He can even sleep in a big boy bed!" (Liar! I think he will sleep, but suddenly he’s this child I don’t recognize as my own, so really it could go either way.)
"Well, that would make me nervous. Do you still have that play yar…"
"Play yard? YES! YES! I HAVE ONE OF THOSE!" (And if you don’t believe just give me a sec to pull out the digi cam and I will send you a picture of it!)

"And it's not that you can't come if you don't agree to take him for the night...but if you do come you are going to."

Talk about democracy!

After she got over the initial shock, my wonderful mother got excited and offered to take him for THE WHOLE WEEK.

Before you decide that I am the worst parent ever, in my defense: we don't have family in town, and so far he's only been left with my parents for a handful of dates, even though they are the best babysitters EVER, and he is 3.

I take him to visit my parents 4-5x/year for 2 weeks/time and leave J all alone. My mom has been excellent about letting me go to Starbucks all by myself each morning for a few hours and shopping while she tries to get him to nap. And my dad will always take him on at least one toddler dream date: they ride the ferries, hop on the subway, visit a hardware store and go to a football or baseball game. A whole day where my dad devotes himself entirely to making the Cracker's day all about him.

My parents are the best grandparents ever.

Even so, I have never been away for him for more than 12 hours, and that was 2 years ago when we were visiting them and I dragged J all around the Bay Area to places like Ikea. Great day for me because I ignored his whining, and I was at IKEA!

Finally getting to my point now...J doesn't like to leave the house, so since we moved in a year ago next week, I've had only 3 hours of alone time in my own house. He won't even take the Cracker into the backyard to play ball while I try to finish getting dinner ready. And that's what I need...time, alone, in my own house. A little time off where I know that the Cracker is happy and safe and I can just unwind by cleaning my pigsty and finally tackling the last few boxes still in the garage. And then maybe dinner out with J. Sad, but true. And yes, J will still be there, but at least I won't be tripping over toys and endless questions from a 3 year old.

Now, I am not ready to leave town without him, and I don't think I'm ready to give him up in town for a week either, but we'll see. For now, I am just really excited about one night.

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