Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Mother's Day


Mother's Day was bad. J slept in, and I started my day off just like any other. No gift, which would have been fine, but no nothing. No card, no plans. He knows how much things like this mean to me, as stupid as it is, and all he had to do was hand the Cracker a pen and a piece of paper, which are all over the house, and I would have had a picture. He's always happy to draw. But no. And I'd told him before that that was all that was hoped for. Then, just in case there weren't any plans for dinner, I had a dinner ready to go. BBQ, so that while I would still do all the prep, at least he could grill it. But alas J decided it was too windy. I never really watched West Wing, maybe 5 episodes total, but I was interested in seeing the series finale. It's down to the last few minutes, J has just announced that he won't grill due to wind, which if he'd gotten on it at a reasonable hour would not have been windy, the Cracker is whining about being hungry, and J is telling him "we can't eat until mom gets up and makes us something." I was too angry at the time so I kept my mouth shut, but I told him later as nicely as I could, "Hey, it was Mother's Day. How bout a break?"

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