Thursday, May 18, 2006

Not even in Kindergarten yet


The Cracker is starting preschool in the fall, and since we're kinda on the edge of civilization, I'll be driving 22-25 minutes each way 2x/week, but it's close to Costco, Target, etc, so I'll be able to do my errands while he's there. Living where we do already meant that there weren't any preschools closer than 15 minutes away, and driving the extra few minutes seems worth it because it's the PERFECT school. I know this because I spent 3 months visiting every darn school and none of the others were even kind of a good fit. And really, it's only for 2 years, and his elementary school is less than a mile away, so we'll be able to walk then.

Now that you have the lengthy background...where we live everyone separates location by which side of the river you're on. Well, we are Westsiders, and this East side school only has one other Westside family. The Cracker and I have been going to school every week for the last two months (for free!) and I stay so that the transition will be easier this fall. (No other preschool offers that, and the teachers even make home visits in summer...that's how cool it is. Talk about dedication!) Anyway, so it was suggested when I met this other family that we carpool. Cool, sounds good, though I would be a little nervous, but I would probably get over it. Well, the other family lives 35 minutes away in the wrong direction. Ummm...okay, that doesn't help. School is only 22 minutes if I hit the lights right. If we carpool, it's going to be 50+ minutes each way, and there is no where to meet in between because there are no river crossings close by. Remember the river? So yes, we live on the same side, but carpooling is crazy. Anyway, I cannot convince her. I've tried and tried to explain where we live, but she just doesn't get it. So today we go to school and the teachers who don't know the logistics tell me "Good news! It was crazy trying to figure it all out, but she's switched days with other parents so that your kids will be here the same days and you can carpool!" Ahh! I don't want to be a bitch, but no way. I am not a morning person, and we have to leave early to get there in time as it is. And then taking car seats out of one car and putting them in another...nuh uh. I also thought that after our last discussion 2 weeks ago that she'd finally gotten the point, but I guess not.


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