Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Poor Husband

Last night I had a dream, or at least I was pretty sure a dream until J was able to confirm it. Yes, a dream, and I suspected as such, because in my dream I was skinny again. La la la la la...

In my dream I awake to find his hand on one of my...err...boobs. I pushed it away violently and said, in my most sarcastic, disgusted, crazy wife voice, "AS IF!"

When I asked J about it, he laughed. "No, that didn't happen." Then, after it had really sunk in, he looked a little panicked, but tried to keep the mood light.

"I guess you really have some issues with me."

Ugh. Bad wife!


Anonymous said...

hehe... you dont seem like a bad wife, just have issues being intimate i guess

Heidi said...

Thanks for being my first comment!

While I'm not sure I'd agree on the wife thing or the intimate thing, I do have to say that stress sucks, and I really need to learn to deal with it better.

Happy trails!