Sunday, June 04, 2006

It's All Apples and M&Ms to me

Can you tell the difference between these two varieties of apples? The Amazing Cracker can!

Apple #1

Apple #2

Apple #1 is a Gala Apple. You can always find them at the grocery store, and they are one of the cheaper varieties.

Apple #2 is a Pink Lady apple. Most grocery stores carry them, but certain times of the year they are impossible to find. And because they are fam-damn-schmancier, even the pesticide laced ones are twice the price of any other apple in the store.

Why do I care?

Because every grocery store in a 50 mile radius of our home is out of apple #2. And even though I already knew better, I thought I'd try to sneak apple #1 past his nose again. You see, he decided months ago (the last time I tried to substitue) that he won't even kinda consider ingesting apple #1. But apple #2? I have to limit him to 5 a day or he'd never eat anything else.

So what happened? Tears. He took one look, not one bite, but ONE LOOK at apple #1 and started to cry.
"Me no eat dis apple! Me eat my apple! Mooooom-meeeeee!!"

This, for us, is the difference between 2 and 3. And if I'm scaring you, the Cracker at 2 was too easy and we knew it. Other parents had warned us: if they're easy at 2, they'll make up for it at 3. Same scenario 3 months ago? "No da dou." Yes, he really said "No thank you."

Now for the Devil candy portion of our post, just to even things out a little.

A scene between J and the Cracker a few weeks back in the throne room:

J: Good job! You peed on the potty!
C: Yeah me!
(J pulls out the treats.)
J: Now, in my left hand there are 3 M&Ms. See?
C: Seeeeeeee.
J: In my right hand there are five. See?
C: Yes!
J: Which hand do you want?
C: Dis one! (Points to left hand.)
J: Cracker, look. Left hand 3. One, two, three.
C: Otay!
J: Right hand 5. One, two, three, four, five. You with me here?
C: Yes! One, tdew, twee, orr, fife! (starting to twitch in anticipation)
J: Right! Now, which hand do you want?
C: Dis one! (Left hand again.) YEAH ME! (jumping up and down and clapping)
J: Are you sure? Are you absolutely sure?
C: Yes! Da dou Daddy!


Elaine said...

As someone who also has an irrational love of the pink lady, I'm on his side here. They are just better. Period.

And yes, my (almost) 3yo is making me pay for being nice at age 2.

Good times.

Bluepaintred said...

ah you have such a gift, i can alsoms hear his little voice!

Heidi said...

Thanks girls!

Elaine, I agree, they really are better. I've got a big bag of Gala's in my fridge that I'm not excited about eating. You want? I couldn't have said it better...good times.

Bluepaintred, thanks (blushing) I think you're pretty cool too.